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The Calliope School

About School

CALLIOPE educational trust was founded by Er. Manish Suri with the blessings of Dr. S. P. Suri (Former Head and Dean of Education, University of Jammu) and Dr. Aruna Suri (Former Faculty, Dept of Education, University of Jammu) and registered here at Jammu on 16th of January, 2001.

The trust has been named after the Greek word “Calliope” literally meaning beautiful voiced, other connotations of this beautiful word depict, of Muse of epic poetry, the Muses, Nine Goddesses, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, inspirers of poetry, music etc. It is significant to say, that Music symbolizes the beginning and culmination of life itself, which so well incorporates the climax of achievement in all the spheres of human endavour and spiritual attainment. It is with this initiation and invocation the noble name, that we resolve to work whole heartedly for excellence.

Calliope is beautifully located near the charming bank of river Chandra Bagha (Chenab) on the Jammu-Akhnoor highway at a short distance of 20 Kms from Jammu Bus stand and 4km from Akhnoor town. The whole campus is spread over  spacious 5 acres of land with sprawling lush green lawns, studded beautiful trees, shrubs and flower beds. The whole campus is pollution free, noise free with

The whole campus is pollution free, noise free with calm and screne atmosphere conducive to learning and teaching.

The Greek Goddess “CALLIOPE”

Goddess of Learning, Epics and Love Poetry

A Vibrant school that Inspires all to Maximize their potential , instills in them a Passion for learning and brings out in them A heart to serve.