Annual Report

The Calliope School is situated at Doomi, Malpur near Chenab River. It was established on 29th March 2013 by Er. Manish Suri. It is recognised by Central Board of School Education with Affiliation code No, 730067. The school is up to 8th Standard. The school has a group 20 trained and efficient teachers from class 1st to 8th with 172 students. Apart from the curriculum, extra curricular activities are manifold.

To bring out the best in the children, the students of Calliope School everything is geared towards training students, its rule, its practices, approach to teaching, discipline and academics success is added on to it. Almost automatically by imparting to the students are following practices:

  • Marshal Art: It makes the students confident and fearless.
  • Pottery: The dying is being revived. It helps the students to develop artistic and balanced trades.
  • Skating: It gives the students inner joy and balanced body.
  • Horse Riding: Arouses in the students the feel grandeur and confidence.
  • Speed Ball: Gears up the reflexes in the child.
  • The teaching of Guitar: Music is known to be the best food for mind and soul. It is a job oriented trade.
  • English Language Lab: The English Lab is a great help for imparting the teaching of English which becomes the most vital language because of its International Values. Students learn with great interest from a well organised English Lab is provided to them.
  • Smart Class: Smart Class helps in almost all subjects which develop more interest in the students to capture information in a better form.
  • Maths Lab: A well equipped Maths Lab is provided to the students.
  • Abacus: Latest equipment of Abacus has introduced to it which helps the students to develop both the sides of the brain by its practice under the direction of efficient trained teachers.
  • Library: A spacious Library is also available in the school with proper furniture with a vast range of books right from story books, craft books, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, informative books, biographies of great personalities, project making books and mystery books. Library period is thoroughly enjoyed by the students.
  • A big playground with different sports courts has been developed. Special area for the juniors as well as senior children has been established with skating rings, swings, Merry Go Round, see-saw & special track for horse riding.
  • Ground for Lawn Tennis has been developed.
  • The highly Hygienic tuck shop is run by the school under the able direction of Principal of the school, Coordinator & four council members of the school.
  • The cleanliness of the school is looked after by five female workers and two male workers. They keep the school spic and span.
  • There are two toilets complexes, one for girls and one for boys. It is kept hygienically clean.
  • It is assumed that there is a need of taking an account of the background of the children. The facilities available in the school or lack of these, the number of slow learners, disobedient ones and over active by the teachers, in case to make it more effective and organised, teachers, need refresher courses for that time to time. Workshops are conducted so as to update them as to make teaching more effective, relax and helpful. There were about 5 workshops held in the school premises and outside the other training centres.
  • To provide a healthy environment to the students, the school building has been provided with lush green trees well ventilated and airy class rooms with adequate furniture.

A fully furnished auditorium with the facility of projector and music system used by the students for various activities and occasions.
There is a well-equipped computer lab with a trained computer teacher.
Special classes were held for weaker which help them tremendously.

The result of the above mentioned healthy practices brought all the talents and potentials of the students which enable them to put up a grand Annual function with great success in February 2017. Participation by them in the various inter school competitions. The special proved very helpful for the weak student which enthralled by the parents. The vision which brought the Calliope into existence in Doomi was the commencement of the projection to stramline the CBSE Pattern with quality education to enhance the derived students of their surroundings. Our vision infuses a substantial changes into students to make them ready for the world and help them achieve their endeavours.

As we strongly believe, Education is the movement from darkness to light.
-Allan Boom