Mission & Motto

The Calliope School

Mission Statement

Calliope Commits to inculcate in its students

  • An outstanding intellectual, spiritual and physical education, combining tradition with the best of the present, which prepare children for their future
  • A culture of scholarship to develop a spirit of enquiry and curiosity through inspirational and responsive teaching.
  • A structure of individual pastoral care that promotes child independence, whilst fostering respect, tolerance, kindness and service.
  • To flourish in a diverse community distinguished by enduring relationships with teachers and delined by a commitment to learning and a thoughtful balance of academics, athletics, arts and service to others.


“Dream Empower Transform”

At Calliope we live that Motto everyday.

  • Here Students will grow and develop, learn who they are, what they want, and how to get it.They thrive discovering the whats, exploring the hows and challenging the whys with tool and partners that reflect the everchanging now.
  • Here teachers are mentors, experts, collaborators and motivators dedicated to each and every student reaching their potential. They are more than instructors-they are the designers of rich learning experiences.
  • Here students will be Knowledgeable, confident and savvy leaders ready to collaborate and compete in a world that IS depending on them to make a difference. At Calliope we are a community of thinkers and doers.
  • Calliope lS so much more than a school we are at the fore front of education. We consistently look beyond tradition and beyond our walls to learn from and partner with the best. Because of this we are able to present classic and innovative subject matter in a creative environment that yields real results.